Why a Wiki?

Wikis are powerful tools for teachers to facilitate the co-creation of a communal space for a community of learners to upload and archive the work of the group. I have called this space an 'E-Text'. Although it is a central repository to archive information like a textbook, it is much more powerful. Students, and frankly all invited members, create the information found within the 'E-Text' and have the ability to modify and enhance the content as the course evolves, something which is not possible with a traditional text book.

The following lists some of the strengths of a Wiki:
  • promotes student learning
  • scaffolds concepts
  • enable a wider range of experience
  • enhances visualization and multi-modal learning
  • facilitate data collection and presentation of data
  • assist new/more effective teaching approaches
  • provide evidence student learning

Click on the following link to learn more about the power of a Wiki.