Survey of Canadian Attitudes toward Learning

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  • Dr. Etienne Wenger , a globally recognized thought leader in the field of communities of practice and co-author of the “Technology for Communities” weblog;
    • "the very characteristics that make communities of practice a good fit for stewarding knowledge—autonomy, practitioner-orientation, informality, crossing boundaries—are also characteristics that make them a challenge for traditional hierarchical organizations. How this challenge is going to affect these organizations remains to be seen."
    • Increasing our learning capability is therefore an urgent imperative. But in order to do so, we need new models about how to proceed and new visions of what is possible. - taken from:
  • Carol Daunt, an experienced educator and businesswoman who has been a visionary in the design, application and effective use of eCollaboration technologies;
  • Julia Shildmyer-Heighway, the Director of Content Services for the Centre for Interactive Learning and Collaboration, who works with over 140 organizations that deliver educational programming to schools through videoconferencing and supportive technologies; and
  • Ted McCain, an innovator and pioneer in technology education, who has written or co-written numerous books on the future and effective teaching with technology.